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Rules & Regulations


Section 1 - League Information


The Weld County Football League (WCFL) was formed in March 1995. Local recreation directors, directors of youth football clubs, volunteers, and parents wanted to create a program for participants to learn the skills, techniques, and rules in the game of tackle football in an organized setting.' By competing against other communities of similar size and portion, a sense of fairness is present, therefore creating a program that is fun for participants.

Where applicable and within the changes and additions listed herein, the official rules will be the rules of the National Federation of State High School Athletic Association, refereed to in the rules and regulations as 'official high school rules.'

Current member chapters are as follows:

Fort Lupton Blue Devil Football (Royal Blue - White)
Johnstown/Milliken (Black-Red)
Little Vikes Youth Football(Yellow - White- Black)
Weld Central Little Rebel Football (Red-Blue)
Kersey Youth Football (Royal- Black)
Carbon Valley (Navy-Gold-Lt. Blue)

All coaches and assistant coaches are mainly volunteer parents who put in countless hours of time to be able to offer a program like tackle football. Games are played on Saturdays at home and away locations with the possibility of a weekday night game scheduled. Referees are used to officiate the scheduled games that are played on a reduced size field. Many rules have been adapted or altered to promote safety and fairness. Different rules apply according to the age level of the players to give a more realistic experience of the game. Please remember that sportsmanship is a virtue that must be present in youth sports.

Remember that this program is for the players and they should always be having fun.

Section 2 - Eligibility of Teams

Rule 1 - Eligible Member Chapters
Rule 2 - Participation in an Area
Rule 3 - Grade Divisions
Rule 4 - Registration Requirements
Rule 5 - Registration Deadline
Rule 6 - Formation of Teams
Rule 7 - Official Rosters
Rule 8 - Roster Exchange
Rule 9 - Incomplete Rosters
Rule 10 - Ineligible Player
Rule 11 - Mandatory Weigh-ins
Rule 12 - Weight Limitations
Rule 13 - Striped Player

A designated 'striped player':

Is a a player who exceeds the listed 'backfield weight' at the official weigh-in for that respective grade division.

Art. 1 : A non-contact playing period is defined as a practice where the players are not wearing pads (helmets are allowed).

Art. 2 : shall be designated by a 3/4 inch minimum width stripe, down the center, from front to back of the helmet.

Art. 3 : shall have the color of the stripe: black, on light colored helmets b. white, on dark colored helmets

Art. 4 : at no time may: run with the ball at any time.

  • catch the ball as the receiver of an offensive pass.
  • run with the ball as an intercepted pass.
  • run with a kicked or punted ball.
  • run with any other live ball.
  • line up in the backfield on offense.
  • line up as a linebacker or defensive back on defense.
Art. 5 : may be allowed in the offensive backfield for the purpose of:
  • attempting to kick extra points.
  • attempting to kick field goals.
    punting the ball.

Art. 6 : in the backfield causes a team to not be allowed to attempt:

  • fake punts.

  • fake field goals.
  • fake extra points.

Art. 7 : who is the intended Kicker or Punter, in the event of a muffed snap from the Center, can do nothing with the ball, other then:

  • punt or kick.
  • down the ball.
  • or block.
Art. 8 : during kickoffs or free kicks following a safety:
  • on the kicking team, may be permitted to kick the ball or play any other position on the kicking team.
  • on the receiving team, must play the front line.

Art. 9 : playing without the proper minimum stripe requirements shall be declared an ineligible player.( refer to Rule 10 Art. 2)

Art. 10.  who violates this rule creates a dead ball foul.


Section 3 - Playing Periods

Rule 1 - Defined
Rule 2 - Limits
Rule 3 - Start of Practice

Section 4 - Field & Equipment

Rule 1 - Field Measurements
Rule 2 - Field Markings
Rule 3 - Goal Posts
Rule 4 - Game Equipment
Rule 5 - Game Ball
Rule 6 - Footwear
Rule 7 - Mouth Guard
Rule 8 - Players Equipment
Rule 9 - Acceptance of Field

Section 5 - Game Rules

Game Rules
Rule 1 - Game Officials
Rule 2 - Length of Games
Rule 3 - Half Time
Rule 4 - Time-outs
Rule 5 - Win - Loss - Tie Game
Rule 6 - Position of Ball at Start of Play
Rule 7 - Kickoffs
Rule 8 - Scoring
Rule 9 - Penalties
Rule 10 - Yardage
Rule 11 - Mandatory Play Rule
Rule 12 - Declared Punt
Rule 13 - Mercy Rule
Rule 14 - Center

Section 6 - Other Information

Rule 1 - Forfeited Games
Rule 2 - Postponed Games
Rule 3 - Championships
Rule 4 - Keeping Order
Rule 5 - Coaching
Rule 6 - Rescinding of Membership
Rule 7 - Absence at Official League Meetings